Conversation Series

Scherto Gill hosts a series of A Narrative of Love conversations with thinkers and spiritual teachers on their understanding of love, and how they see the significance of love in our personal and political lives. This series is in preparation for the 5th Spirit of Humanity Forum, scheduled to take place in Reykjavik, Iceland, in June 2021.

Scherto R. Gill

In conversation with

Thomas Hübl

Renowned Teacher, Author, and International Facilitator

In this conversation,Thomas Hübl shares his understanding of love from a mystic’s perspective. He also discusses the root causes of most painful atrocities and collective traumas humans have experienced. Most importantly, in this conversation Thomas explores how collective healing can help humanity move forward from past wounds, and how by healing the past, we may co-create a more promising future for all.  

In conversation with

Steve Killelea

Entrepreneur and Founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace

In this conversation, Steve Killelea explores a complex conceptual landscape of love, and the relationship between love and peace. He particularly stresses the importance of taking a systems view to understanding positive peace. This would allow a global focus on the structural and institutional pillars that support co-flourishing and co-thriving of all, including human and nature.

In conversation with

Prof Azza Karam

In this conversation, Scherto and Prof Karam discussed what love means from a religious perspective. They also talked about how dialogue of love as a pathway to interreligious and interfaith collaboration can help meet global challenges and build a more humane world.

In conversation with

Dr Joy DeGruy

Educator, Social Worker, Healing and Author

In this conversation, Scherto and Joy discussed her book entitled Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury & Healing.” They also talked about how the ethic of radical love can be a key to addressing the legacy of trans-Atlantic slave trade and slavery, and to collective healing.

In conversation with

Dr Vandana Shiva

In this conversation, Dr Vandana Shiva articulates why it is important to sow the seeds of love through valuing our collective well-being, nurturing human consciousness of oneness and interconnectedness, and caring for ecological integrity. 

In conversation with

Bob Boisture

President and CEO of the Fetzer Institute.

We discuss the Fetzer Insitutes work on building a spiritual foundation for a loving world. We also discuss the imperitive of healing and wellbeing.

In conversation with

Lene Rachel Andersen

Danish author, indie publisher, economist, futurist, and philosopher

Lene Rachel Andersen reflects on her book entitled The Nordic Secret which explores how bildung or folks high schools in the Nordic countries in the last century had supported young people’s personal transformation, self-awareness and self-authorship. Bildung has laid a strong foundation for Nordic countries’ democracies and welfare societies. 

In conversation with

Lord Alderdice

A Narrative of Love: Scherto Gill in conversation with Lord Alderdice





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