2020 has provided a unique opportunity for humanity to re-envision a better world for all. As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads, it has unveiled deep-seated structural inequalities, making us aware of how divided our societies have become. At the same time, never before in human history have, we been more aware of our inter-connection and inter-dependence – one planet, one ecosystem, one global community, one humanity. Most importantly, it also reminds us that human flourishing, social cohesiveness, and ecological integrity are all part of a greater collective well-being that is within our reach.

Our shared longing for connectedness, solidarity, and harmonious living gives us the courage and determination to express a deeper humanity and move into a new way of being and acting in the world. A loving world is one in which each human being is valued for who they are rather than for what they can produce, and the greater good of every creature on the planet motivates decisions at the highest level of

Such love is the greatest energising force that connects all. Only through loving can we heal ourselves and our planet, only through leading and governing with love can we transcend the self-interests of the individual, group, and even nation, and only by acting in love can we work together in building a better world.

We must foster love that encompasses all.

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